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For Divine Feminine Leaders Ready To Scale Their IMPACT + Create More Fun, Freedom, Flow & Financial Prosperity In Their Life and Spiritual Business! 🥂

Divine Femme Leadership

Sacred Leader Academy (SLA) is a 12-month divine feminine leadership group coaching program (by application only) with a step-by-step Soul-Aligned Success Business Method to help come into full alignment with your mission, message, gift, and who you are here to serve so you can attract Soulmate clients on repeat! SLA is for you if you're ready to grow + scale your impact, influence, and income online without being a slave to social media.


Divine Femme Experience

The ultimate divine feminine experience! Get the best of both worlds - the SLA divine feminine leadership program PLUS twelve months of the Divine Femme Immersions that Sarah and Vanessa produce over the course of twelve months that are designed to help you magnetize prosperity in all areas of your life in true divine feminine fashion - with flow, fun, freedom, ease, abundance, attraction, and co-creation with the divine! The first step is to apply and see if SLA is a mutual fit. 


Divine Femme Immersions

Individual immersions, mini-programs, and divinely guided containers that help you break the cycles of toxic masculine and feminine polarities so you can fully embrace, embody, and lead a new paradigm rooted in divine worthiness, abundance, oneness, unity, and unconditional love for yourself and others. Jump in now to an epic training (or bundled training) that was previously recorded live or join us for our next LIVE immersion! 


Sacred Leader Academy Is A Proven Step-By-Step Framework To Amplify Your Impact In Your Spiritual Business + Create Your Freedom Lifestyle!

Whether you're a new spiritual entrepreneur and you want to build a solid foundation from the start that is in complete Soul-alignment, or you've been running your spiritual business for a while and you realize your current structure is not sustainable, this program will show you how to set up your spiritual coaching business so it is in complete alignment with your mission and lifestyle goals and requires the least amount of build time and techy stuff!


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We believe the world desperately needs your gift and you can be abundantly supported while pursuing your Soul's mission. Join Sarah and Vanessa LIVE inside Mission 2 Impact for weekly livestream trainings to grow + scale your spiritual business to amplify your IMPACT + fun, freedom, flow & financial prosperity. 


"Before working with Sarah, I struggled in the exhaustion of how “hard” it was to build a prosperous soul-aligned business online. Sarah’s Sacred Leader program spoke to my soul and moved me to tears. She opened my eyes to the ease of leveraging “the lighthouse effect” to attract my soulmate clients. In the first week of the program, Sarah’s wisdom and support reignited my fire as a lightworker and spiritual teacher. Immediately, my energy up-leveled and I attracted new clients in the same week! Now I have a blueprint and the platform for my online coaching program that aligns with who I really am, the value of my gifts, the souls I am meant to serve and the lifestyle I deserve. No more playing small! Sarah walks her talk and is a true model of sacred leadership. She takes the value of spiritual alignment and entrepreneurship to a whole new level. "

Linda Sulvita
Divine Love Liberator for Empaths & Sensitive Souls

"Please trust that inner knowing. I met Sarah approximately a month ago and my life/business has already transformed. I can't stress enough how life-changing this experience has been. Pure magic! Thank you Sarah!"

Lyndsay Diamond
Medical Intuitive, Channeler and Healer of All Things Quantum

"This has been the best investment I have ever made for my spiritual business. Sarah is awake, conscious and knows exactly where and how to guide me towards the next phase. She’s exactly what I was looking for!! Sarah is kind, smart, and is patient which is so key when it comes to building something with a strong foundation. I’m so glad the universe guided me to her! I’m grateful for you Sarah! I love working with you and would recommend any entrepreneur trying to up their game in all things spiritual and entrepreneurial to work with her!!"

Sapna Desai
Enlightenment Queen & Spiritual Mentor

"I’m forever grateful that the Universe connected Sarah and I! Working with her has been life changing! Who she is, what she stands for, and how powerfully she serves the mantle of her mission, I’m telling you.... it is undeniably divine! Dreams that I’ve tucked away in my heart have now been unleashed and they are unfolding beautifully because of her commitment to serve soulfully minded entrepreneurs. I can’t recommend her enough! The way she works is like no other I’ve experienced. I love that she isn’t cookie cutter and how she guides you is individualistic, 100% spiritually on point, and so very practical and simplified. Since being a part of SLA, I feel more empowered, incredibly confident, and so aligned even deeper with myself and my calling. Anyone who gets to work with her will receive priceless transformation in every sense of that personally and in your business!"

Jessica Velazquez
Authenticity Coach to Millennial Rebels

"I'm growing leaps and bounds as a coach and a spiritual teacher. I am now the most confident I've ever been in launching my own coaching business and I LOVE having Sarah as a coach. You will not regret hiring her - it's the best money I've spent and investment in my spiritual growth and business. "

Donna Jean
Spiritual Coach for Anxiety & Codependency

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