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EP 32 - How to heal wounded feminine energy to grow your spiritual biz

feminine energy May 10, 2022


Today, we’re discussing how to heal your feminine energy so you can open yourself up to receive abundance in your spiritual business. Listen in as we chat through wounded feminine traits, where this wounded energy typically stems from, and the practices and inner work we’ve done to heal our feminine energy, reconnect with our intuition, and ultimately embody empress energy, allowing us to create magical offerings from our souls and magnetically attract soulmate clients.

:musical_note:Tune in now to episode 32 of the DIVINE FEMME SERIES via The Calling Uncensored Podcast (hosted by Sarah) or Hey World, It’s Me! Podcast (hosted by Vanessa)

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EP 29 - Calling Out The Coaching Industry *Cough Cough* Bullshit

feminine energy Apr 27, 2022


The bravado is bullsh*t. 


When we see entrepreneurs in the coaching industry exaggerating their big wins and ballooning their income numbers, it tends to piss us off. Why? Because it’s dangerous.


It’s dangerous to present a false sense of reality to the people who trust you.


It’s dangerous to exaggerate your success to people who are considering spending their money with you.


And we just aren’t down with that. 


So we’re calling out those coaches. 


This week, we’re making an effort to bring awareness to some of the dangers to look out for when shopping for a coach or marketing your own coaching services. Because authenticity is key, babes.


We’re holding spiritual entrepreneurs to a higher standard.


Because we know they can meet our expectations of leading with transparency, prioritizing authenticity, and not presenting a false sense of self in order to win clients...

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EP 11 - Reverse Engineer Your Freedom Lifestyle

Are you intentional about creating space in your day to do only what your soul is calling you to do? 


If you answered no, you’re going to want to stick around for this episode. Today, Vanessa and I are walking you through the process of reverse engineering your freedom lifestyle. 


In simple terms, we’re helping you get intentional about creating a day-to-day schedule that supports your spiritual and business growth.


Step One: What’s your freedom lifestyle formula? 


What are the things that you need to prioritize and experience in order to have a guaranteed great day, where you feel like you have the time and the space to put down all of the busy work, and give yourself permission to do absolutely only what your soul is calling you to do. 


What if you could structure your day to include each piece of your freedom lifestyle formula on a daily basis? 


How would your outlook on life change?

How would...

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EP 1 - Divine Feminine Energy: Harnessing the Power of Trust, Surrender, and Detachment

What is divine feminine energy? How can we leverage the power of divine feminine energy to navigate difficult times in our spiritual businesses? 

The truth is that none of us learn to harness the Divine Feminine Power of Trust, Surrender, and Detachment overnight. 

It’s a journey. A journey that you don’t have to go on alone. Come listen as we uncover what we know to be true when it comes to trusting the universe so that you can find true alignment. 




  1. The universe will challenge you as you come into alignment. {2:10} 
  2. Even when it feels like life is a total shit show, nothing is falling apart. Everything is falling into place. {5:42} 
  3. When the universe is clearing away what is no longer serving us it can feel uncomfortable, but It is only uncomfortable to the degree that we resist it. {9:50}
  4. The more that you're able to fall into this faith and surrender and detach from that and witness it. This...
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